Electronic Media Technicians can provide the top of the line installation for the following services:

Home Theater

Bring the full experience of the movie theater to your home with a custom Home Theater. Watch movies, television, and streaming services on your very own 100'' plus projection screen. With state of the art surround sound and 4K resolution, there is no other experience like it. Add a movie server so you can watch your entire movie collection with a touch of a button.

Whole House Audio

Whether you're entertaining or just relaxing at home, it's wonderful to have music wherever you want it, even outdoors. As part of your home wiring network, EMT can install speakers in walls or ceilings, under eaves on your deck, even disguised as rocks in your garden. You can select Pandora, Sirius XM, and even your entire digital music library — and you can control it all at the touch of a button.

Whole House Video

Why be limited to what you can watch on a television in your home? With a distributed video system, watch any of your sources on any of your televisions whenever you want. No longer do you need to have a cable box for every television, instead select what you want when you want.

Automated Home Control

Technology should simplify your life, not make it more complicated. It should entertain you, keep you informed and give you more free time for the things that really matter. But how do you tie together the dozens of components scattered throughout your house and make them work for you, not against you? Fortunately, there's a simple solution: Home Automation.

With seamless integration of your whole-house audio and video, home theater, lighting, security, climate, communications, the Internet and more, home automation makes your advanced home technology practical and easy to use.

Structured Cabling

Most homes are wired for only basic services like electricity, telephone, and limited cable TV. It's not enough to take advantage of new technologies. EMT Home Theater can install a home wiring network that connects all the rooms in your home to a central location.

From there, services like telephone, audio, video, and high speed internet can be routed to any room. Conveniences like satellite, cable, and closed circuit TV can be enjoyed wherever you choose. And because the home wiring networks we install have the future in mind, new technologies can easily be made part of your home and your lifestyle.

Automated Lighting Control

Good lighting design not only makes a room comfortable and functional, but it can create moods just like music. Having the ability to control lighting levels and create scenes throughout your house lets you create just the right atmosphere for dining, entertaining, reading, or watching a movie. Forget to turn off the lights when you leave? Not a problem, just use your smart phone to turn them off or set the appropriate away scene.

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